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Would you like to create extra space in your home without having the hassle of moving? Perhaps you would like better access to your garden for the whole family to enjoy. Or maybe you’d like to add as much value to your home as possible: whatever your objective, bifold doors are the answer!

Aluminium bifold doors are the perfect choice to create extra space, let more sunlight flood in and enjoy more al fresco summer evenings. Whether your home is traditional or modern, aluminium bifold doors make an excellent addition. 

Bifold doors offer a huge array of benefits, many of which you can read about in our blog post here.

Bifold Door Lincoln
Bifold Door Lincoln
Stunning Bifold Doors
Stunning Bifold Doors

How do bifold doors work?

Bifolding doors slide open in a concertina fashion, and you can choose to open up a single pane or an entire wall, creating a seamless space between your home and garden.

Bifold doors use a tracking system that runs along panels connected on a train. The bifold doors open and close by gliding along the tracking system and folding in on themselves. The tracking system means that bifold doors open smoothly and quietly.

Bifold doors can either be opened inwards or outwards, allowing for complete customisation depending on your home and your requirements. This is one the key reasons bifold doors have become so popular with homeowners in recent years. Read more in our blog post here.

4 Pane Bifold Doors
4 Pane Bifold Doors

Are bifold doors secure?

Bifold doors trump other types of glass door thanks to their multi-point locking systems, where most glass doors just feature a single locking point.

These multi-point locking systems mean your home remains safe and secure, whilst looking great.

If you are particularly concerned about the security of your new bifold doors, then you could choose reinforced glass, although this does come at an additional cost.

Do bifolds let in the cold?

Good quality, well-fitted bifold doors like the ones we supply and fit here at DS Aluminium Windows & Doors do a great job of keeping the cold out and the warmth in! Bfiold doors are well-sealed so they are sure to keep any bad weather out, and they are just as effective at doing that as conventional doors.

Furthermore, all aluminium bifold doors are stringently weather-tested to ensure they keep the elements out.

In the summer however you will find throwing open the bifold doors is the perfect way to cool down your home and let plenty of fresh air in.

The large glass panels in bifold doors will let plenty of lovely daytime sunshine into your home, and that heat then remains trapped, helping to give your home a temperature boost without having to turn the heating on!

Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors
Anthracite Grey Bifold Doors
Anthracite Grey Bifold Doors

Bifold door colours

Whatever the style of your home, you are sure to find bifold doors to suit your taste. Available in literally every colour imaginable, your new bifold doors can be sprayed any colour you wish. Anthracite grey is a very popular bifold door colour at the moment, and they look great on both modern and traditional properties.

You can even have a dual colour bifold – one colour on the outside and another on the inside. Lots of homeowners opt for Anthracite Grey outside and White on the inside of the bifold doors, to match their interior.

If you would like to match your new bifold doors to your existing windows or doors that’s possible too; simply supply us with a RAL number (if you know it) or we will obtain a colour swatch to match to.

Bifold Doors in White
Bifold Doors in White

Bifold door photos

We have installed hundreds of sets of bifold doors in Lincoln and the surrounding areas! You can check out some of our recent installations on the Our Work page here.

Bifold door prices

Refuse to be ripped off by the big national companies – with DS Aluminium Windows & Doors you will get an honest price from an honest, family-run business. We have been installing and maintaining bifold doors in Lincoln, Newark and the surrounding areas for years.

Aluminium Bifold Doors
Aluminium Bifold Doors

Benefits of bifold doors

Bifold doors are a brilliant way to breathe new life into any home, and are a gorgeous focal point in kitchens, lounge or extensions. If you’re considering aluminium bifold doors in Lincoln, then we can help! Explore other benefits of bifold doors below.

Indoor & outdoor living space

Bifold doors fold right back, meaning you can create much more space than you can with typical sliding doors or French doors. With bifold doors you can enjoy the outdoors from inside your home. Imagine opening those doors on a balmy summer evening, allowing golden evening sun to flood into your home whilst you enjoy a meal with your family.

Bifold doors Lincoln
Bifold doors Lincoln

Bifold doors are space-saving

Another benefit of bifold doors is that they take up hardly any space. They fold right back, allowing you to open up entire walls in your home, and taking up far less space than sliding doors or patio doors. This means there will be little disturbance to the flow of your home.

Let natural light in

Transform dull, dark rooms into light, bright spaces that the whole family will want to spend more time in with a set of bifold doors. Because of their ability to let so much light in, bifold doors are a brilliant choice for kitchens and living spaces, creating a space everyone loves to spend time in.

Low maintenance

Bifold doors aren’t maintenance free, but the good news is with very little space taken up by frames, it’s a quick and easy job to keep the glass in your bifold doors gleaming. Aside from cleaning the glass as often as you think it’s necessary, there is very little other maintenance for you to do. Bifold doors may need adjusting from time to time, which is a service we provide free of charge as part of our warranty.

They’re totally flexible

Another one of the brilliant benefits of bifold doors is that you can be completely flexible with how to use them. Whether you choose to open just one pane to use as a door, or open each and every pane to open the entire wall up, bifold doors are as flexible as they are beautiful. With bifold doors you’ll have far more flexibility than your conventional patio or sliding doors which you may already have in your home.

Bifold Doors
Bifold Doors

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In addition to all of the fantastic benefits mentioned above, bifold doors are available in a wide range of configurations, colours and styles, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

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