uPVC (un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the most widely chosen products for homeowners and double glazing installers. Read on to find out why DS Aluminium Windows & Doors believe uPVC windows are a great choice for your home.

Cost Effective

uPVC tends to be the cheapest option when compared to other materials - such as timber or aluminium - so if you're on a tight budget for your home improvement project uPVC could be the perfect material for you.

Low Maintenance

Another great feature of uPVC is that it is incredibly low maintenance – and after all, who has time to spend cleaning their windows all the time?

Where timber and other woods generally require re-painting every 5 to 6 years and are prone to rotting and flaking, uPVC requires virtually no maintenance.

The only thing your uPVC windows will need is a wipe down with a damp cloth every once in a while.

Durable & Long Lasting

uPVC is also incredibly durable which means it is unlikely to ever need changing once you have the right windows installed – yes, even in our blustery English wind and rain! Where wood tends to rot and warp after a few years, your uPVC windows will be resilient throughout.

Plus, we’ll give you a 10-year guarantee on your frames meaning that, in the unlikely event, anything was to change, you’re completely covered!

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